ALEATORY #18: Plants and Animals

Global warming aside, 2008 was good to Plants and Animals. Parc Avenue, their debut full-length (out now on Secret City Records: pick it up, friends) was shortlisted for the Polaris Prize (given to the best Canadian album of each year), and ranked very highly on many many other year-end lists. Somewhere in between gearing up for tour and getting lavished with praise, drummer/vocalist Matthew Woodley found time for us and filled out our eighteenth Aleatory. Many thanks to him, and to the rest of the flora/fauna of the band!


1. Favorite word?

4. Favorite person to have worked with?
Sarah Neufeld

6. Favorite visual artist?/Favorite work of visual art?
Alex Usow (www.sharksandhammers.com)

8. Favorite author?/Favorite book?
Jonathan Lethem - Motherless Brooklyn

16. Favorite campfire story?
The one about the very horrific thing that actually happened very close to where we're camping tonight.

18. Favorite pick-up line?
Do you you work at UPS? Because I noticed you checking out my package. WHA!

20. Favorite new band?
Metro League

22. Favorite vice?
Sears Catalogue

27. Favorite chord/chord progression?
I'm more of a metric modulation guy. Partial to anything in D though.

28. What instrument would you most like to learn to play?

29. Who do you wish more people were listening to?
Katie Moore

39. What's something you could probably beat anyone you know at?
A whistling competition

48. Biggest moment of triumph?
Nova Scotia under-15 provincial fencing champion

65. Ever see yourself penning the score/soundtrack to a TV show or film?
Yes I do.

77. What was the hardest part about recording your current release?
Going to work in between.

81. If you could sync an album of yours to a movie (like Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz), what movie would it be?
Anything with Danny DeVito.

90. Sexiest thing about you?
I have no neck.

95. Do you ever read your own reviews?
If it's critical.

96. The one thing that no one knows about you (yet)?
I'm saving up for a neck implant.

100. Even with the gradual decay of the B-side, most artists still have vaults of unreleased songs. What's in yours?
Less Danny DeVito, more Will Smith.