ALEATORY #9: Do Make Say Think

Since the 1998 release of their self-titled debut, Do Make Say Think have been a key member of Constellation Records' stable. On a label that is also home to such acts as A Silver Mt. Zion, godspeed you! black emperor, and Sandro Perri (Polmo Polpo, Glissandro 70), it takes a special sort of band to stand out among all the rest of the incredible talent Constellation has signed.

Do Make Say Think
is that sort of band.

Combining the post-rock of their labelmates with elements of jazz, touches of electronics, and above all, incredible technical prowess, DMST was able to pull more emotion out of their instrumental rock than bands with tomes of lyrics. So what did they do? On last year's fantastic You, You're a History of Rust (firmly in Davecat's top five albums of 2007), they added vocals to two of the tracks, including absolutely transcendent disc-closer "In Mind," and proved they can grow in ways no one had imagined.

Taking a break from blowing minds long enough to be the subject of our ninth Aleatory is guitarist Justin Small, who, like all Canadians (if current trends are any indication), has more than one band, also drumming for hardcore soul group (and Constellation-signees) Lullabye Arkestra. He's not as great as I say he is.


13. Favorite Shakespearean play?

Ugggg... I hate Shakespeare. In fact I hate theatre. Really, I'm sorry but it's true. I appreciate the effort that goes into acting on stage but, I don't know why. I just don't get on with actors.

16. Favorite campfire story?

I'm gonna be sitting next to a campfire tomorrow. Yea!
I'll probably talk a lot of shit because I'll be hammered.
I'll re-tell the story of the bird that recently got caught in my bedroom and survived slamming into every wall, escaping my cat, and me hitting it with a broom (by accident, I was trying to guide it out and smacked it on the head. I felt awful)
p.s. the story gets louder each time I tell it.

21. Favorite album(s) from the past year?

I work at a record store, so it's favorite album of the week.
This week
DEATH BREATH's Let It Stink. It's the dude from Hellacopters and Entombed doing old school black metal in [the] vein of Venom and Celtic Frost. It's awesome and all the songs are about zombies!
So it's not death metal it's un-dead metal!!!
There are too many good records to mention. Get away from your fucking computer and visit and support your local record store. It's fun.

25. Favorite historical figure?

Tommy Douglas
He's the reason we have health care in Canada.

33. What's something you could teach anyone in an hour or less?

How to build a campfire. I love doing it and I do it well.

41. If you could go anywhere in the universe, where would it be?

Actually, the sun is shining and I'm inside writing on a computer. I want to be at Ronnie's Patio. That's a bar in the Kensington Market area of Toronto.

48. Biggest moment of triumph?

Marrying Kat Taylor.

51. What are you currently obsessed with?

I don't want to be but it seems I can't help myself. Damn delicious beer.
Also riding my bike. I have a sweet ride.

55. You're curating a festival. If you could choose any two bands to open for you, who would they be?

Good one.
A re-united Talk Talk, Laughing Stock era.
And this one man band from France called Andre Duracell
Check out this Lightning Bolt cover:

62. Your favorite song that you've done so far?

The song Kat walked down the aisle to.
And we just wrote an awesome Lullabye Arkestra jam called 'get nervous'

63. Band/artist you're secretly envious of?

Silver Mount Zion. Have you seen them live??? Holy shit.

66. Worst song you've heard recently?

I cannot stand Joanna Newsom. Sorry. In fact that whole scene of 'pretty-girl-singing-like-a-10 year old' bugs the shit out of me. Can't stand it.

67. Do you reach any kind of personal catharsis when it comes to songwriting/performing?

Yes, of course.
You have to. In order for you to complete a song your heart must be open to it. Otherwise you are just pretending to play music. You are acting music.

68. Favorite interview you've ever been a part of (aside from this one, obviously)?

This one is going swimmingly. So let's not talk about past loves and ruin the moment. o.k.?

78. Your life has been reduced to a bumper sticker: what does it say?

"If you cannot move your body, your soul cannot be saved"
Or one of those Jesus fish holding a beer.

84. Most disappointing concert you ever attended?

Palace Brothers way back in '96 (?) at Lee's Palace. In Toronto.
I was soooooo into Palace at the time. And apparently Will Oldham had fired his band before arriving and instead of doing it solo hired these new-rock assholes to back him. Total disaster.

86. With Radiohead's In Rainbows release and Nine Inch Nails doing boffo business with his online releases, do you see yourself ever doing some alternative kind of release for any of your future projects?

Just as long as there's also a vinyl release as well. I just got a new needle for my turn table and music has never sounded better.

88. What's your deepest source for musical inspiration?

Love and fear.

89. You just died. I'm sorry. Fortunately, your will states that you want very specific music to be played at your funeral. What did you choose?

"Highway to the Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins. From the Top Gun soundtrack.

95. Do you ever read your own reviews?

I'm really not as great as everybody says I am.