OFF THE RECORDS: The Triumphant Return/The Album You Need to Hear

Happy New Years everyone!

We know what you're thinking: what happened to the Globecat? Well, the big holiday rush wound up hitting everyone, including your staff here at GC, but, truth be told, there's been a project that we've been working on for close to a year now, and, with great pride, we are happy to be unveiling it to you right now.

It's called Good With Words: A Tribute to Benjamin Durdle, and its genesis has been long and totally crazy. In short, this was a project spearheaded by Evcat to give tribute to the guy who got him into songwriting/recording in the first place. Ben is a fantastic songwriter (after all, remember the track he did for Globecat's One Year Anniversary?), but he doesn't really "publicize" his songs that much. So, as such, many people were called on to record their own versions of some of Durdle's unheard-of classics, many of whom are GC alumni.

Who, you might ask? Why, there's the incredible Will Stratton, the super-fun Hoot Hoots, our friend Motorcycles Are Everywhere, and the fantastic group The Marches, along with Davecat contributing a song as well! The whole album has been a labor of love from all the artists involved, and given all the hurdles that had to be overcome to get this album released, we are pleased as punch to finally have this see the light of day.

So please, visit http://www.goodwithwordsalbum.com and download the disc (for free!), give it a listen, and blog about it/share it with your friends and family. This is one of the greatest things that GC has ever been involved in, and -- as you can see -- it was very much worth the wait :-)

Exciting interviews coming soon -- thanks for sticking around!
--The GC Staff