ALEATORY #16: A-Trak

It's not every day you get to use the world "prodigy". Then again, it's not every day that you win five of the world's biggest DJ competition championships, making you the first DJ (ever) to do so.

Yet that's exactly what A-Trak (real name Alain Macklovitch) did. This young Candian DJ has so far accomplished a lot with his mind-bending mixes ("Feeling for the Pack" being Evcat's personal favorite), remixes (Kanye's "Stronger"), and his record label (the fabulous Fools Gold imprint). When not touring with Kanye West, he spends his time perfecting his craft, creating Nike+ Original Run mixes for iTunes, and answering Aleatory questions for Globecat! And here they are!


1. Favorite word?


7. Favorite composer?


14. Favorite sound?

"Fresh" scratch sample.

20. Favorite new band?

Vampire Weekend.

22. Favorite vice?

Picking my nose.

23. Favorite natural oddity?

Boogers? (trying to keep a theme going here)

26. Favorite badass?

Ron Burgundy.

28. What instrument would you most like to learn to play?

Old synths.

32. Best thing you learned this week/month?.

In England, the reason why there are no garbage cans in public places is because of terrorist threats. I thought I just couldn't find them and started thinking there was something wrong with me.

41. If you could go anywhere in the universe, where would it be?


46. Where do you keep things hidden? What do you keep hidden there?

I wish I had a shoebox or something like that... but I don't really have anything hidden.

53. So far in your career, what's been your biggest regret?

No regrets dude! I've been blessed.

66. Worst song you've heard recently?

Anything by Pink.

72. A few years ago, Beck gave an interview for SPIN in which he lamented the glut of reality TV shows and blogs about musicians, wanting to know less details about their life because he felt they were more mysterious that way (he liked to envision Devo as living in a crazed art-deco pyramid when he was young, instead of just some guys in a tour bus). Do you feel that there's a lack of mystique out there for musicians in today's YouTube age? Do you feel your band carries any mystique?

This may seem counter-intuitive at first but I actually think it's possible to be on youtube and write blogs and still carry an air of mystery. If what you're showing of yourself is out of the ordinary, then your fans will constantly want to see more. I started writing blogs when I did my first tour with Kanye 4 years ago and I haven't looked back since. I remember the first time I met Jay-Z I posted a picture of myself with him and Kanye backstage. Even though people saw that I met him I'm sure they were wondering what our interaction was like, so it actually sparked more mystique.

74. Better to burn out or to fade away?

Quit while you're ahead, like Seinfeld.

77. What was the hardest part about recording your current release?

My lastest release is my single "Say Whoa". I think the hardest part of recording that song was finding the right sounds. The track is really stripped down so every element had to fit, and I tried a bunch of bass sounds before getting to that one.... which in fact is really simple.

80. Worst run-in with the law (to date)?

I never had any run-in with the cops. But I've had all sorts of adventures with border patrol during my travels, especially when I was younger and didn't have work permits. They use to bring me to "the room" when I was 16.

86. With Radiohead's In Rainbows release and Nine Inch Nails doing boffo business with his online releases, do you see yourself ever doing some alterative kind of release for any of your future projects?

You just taught me the word boffo. I like it a lot, and I will use it a lot. And to answer your question... yes.

88. What's your deepest source for musical inspiration?

Rhythms that pop up in my head.

89. You just died. I'm sorry. Fortunately, your will states that you want very specific music to be played at your funeral. What did you choose?

The theme from the Curb Your Enthusiasm.


Visit A-Trak's official blog.