OFF THE RECORDS: Patting Ourselves On the Backburner

We're still awe-struck, truth be told.

When we started off Globecat, we had sky-high ambitions, hoping to interview nothing but the greats, those artists who are either bathing in the spotlight or bathing in obscurity, making good music regardless of Billboard chart rankings, all with something valuable to say. Though reaching 2000 hits might not be a milestone for many, it certainly is for us, especially considering that at the start of June, this blog did not even exist. Since then, we've interviewed the likes of Anton Newcombe, Girl Talk, Aesop Rock, the Vivian Girls, and so many spectacular artists it's almost intimidating to mention. We have our Coming Soon to Globecat feature on the top-right of the page, and though sometimes it looks kind of empty, that's only because we file things in there that are already written & completed. Behind the scenes, there are so many things at work (and so many big names being tossed around) we can barely contain our excitement ...

But, there is something that is sorely missing from Globecat, and that's you. We have been contacted by all kind of publicists, but what we really want is to hear from you guys, the fans and followers. Though many, many songs are passed around here at the Globecat offices, we want to know who you want to see interviewed. Now that we've been around for awhile (and have interviewed big names, Grammy-winners, and cult icons), we have a bit more pull, and more than likely we can fulfill whatever interview requests you might have. Link us in your blogs, help spread the word, and -- most importantly -- let us know who you want to see next on Globecat. Please e-mail us at globecatmusic [at] gmail [dot] com post-haste -- we are excited to hear what you have to say!

Keep it tuned here, as all the latest developements will be posted here before anywhere else.

And, most importantly, thank you for all the support. It helps more than you can imagine.

--Dave & Evan